Conor Kavanagh – SMaRT hub energy analyst

I’m a third-year graduate Chemical Engineering student at the University of Leeds. I’m currently taking a break between studying to work a year-long full-time placement with Arcus, to gain essential first-hand experience in the engineering industry and expand my knowledge of the sector.

I’m based at Arcus’ Redditch offices as an Energy Analyst with the SMaRT hub’s Energy Team. Here, we monitor and model energy usage for our clients, based on trading patterns and weather influences, and implement projects to reduce their expenditure on electricity, gas, and water bills.

Working with Arcus has been an excellent experience. The company has a pioneering attitude to its work and is open to new approaches and methods, which offers me a variety of tasks from week-to-week to apply and build my skills.

Arcus promotes a great environment for learning. I thoroughly enjoy my time working here and it’s given me skills and confidence that I will continue to apply throughout my career.