Arcus FM stays cool this summer

As a facilities management company, we bring together the unique skills, knowledge and experience that our clients really value. Operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day we are prepared for all challenges that come our way.

This summer, we saw record high temperatures sweep across the UK, reaching up to 40.3°C – beating the previous 38.7°C in 2019. Many homes and workplaces across the nation are not equipped to deal with such extreme temperatures, thus leading to a lot of major supermarkets struggling to keep their fridges running.

During this period, we experienced unprecedented levels of work orders from our customers. Our helpdesk saw an increase in calls from between 150% to 500% and we received huge increases in critical work orders from some of our major customers

Shaun Webb, Managing Director said, “So far, this summer has thrown up a significant challenge already in terms of the unprecedented high ambient temperatures we have recently seen. I knew the teams had prepared well for this summer (as they do each year) but just how much preparation they did has really shown through in the overall results so far, especially in temperatures like we have just seen.

“I am totally amazed just how well the equipment performed, and this is all down to the pro-active maintenance undertaken, the support network from our helpdesk & triage teams and the amazing work our field teams have delivered as a collective. The recovery once the temperature started to drop was superb and this meant by the weekend we were almost back to business as usual, as a well-oiled machine to which, I can safely say how proud I am of what has been delivered so far this year, well done all.”

Lesley Jackson, Head of Helpdesk adds, “A big thank you to the Field Engineers and Managers, the Fridge Triage Team and all functions within the Helpdesk for your hard work before, during and after the heatwave, by working together we were able to continuously deliver a winning service for our customers.”



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