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Arcus is a facilities management company driven by over 4,500 people. We bring together the unique skills, knowledge and experience that our clients really value.  Many of our clients employ people who serve millions of their own customers. Those companies, and the people who work for them, rely on us to keep them going. This is why it is so important that our people are supported, empowered and connected. At Arcus, we start with our people and their individual roles, recognising how each one contributes to our success.

We help companies keep working. We fill gaps with our skills and expertise. And we do it in a way that is simple for our clients to understand and use. In our years of continuous growth, we’ve worked collaboratively and in partnership with our clients to ensure that our culture remains one of simplicity. Our behaviours are aligned to encourage our people to share ways of doing something better, saving time, effort or money. We are always open to new ideas and better ways of working. We want our people to focus on doing things better: simply, well and with passion.

Our brand is about more than just adverts, logos and taglines. Our brand is about our people and bringing them together as advocates for Arcus. Our brand is something we do, not just something we are. It’s in how we behave, how we look, what we do and how we do it.

To grow successfully we believe in what we do, believe in how we do it, and believe in what we can achieve. It is not just what we do that makes us standout, it is how we do it that makes us truly different.

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Ash Patel –Senior Capital Manager for Sainsbury’s

The SMaRT hub has developed into an industry leading bureau through close remote monitoring and proactive energy management of the Sainsbury’s estate. Sainsbury’s have achieved significant energy reduction and cost savings supporting the bottom line and values of the business.

Robin Tinto –Senior Facilities Manager for Sainsbury’s

They have used great data and trending to pick out the key golden stores for drainage trending issues and have targeted these sites for proactive PPMs to reduce reactive call outs.

Danny Malyon –Head of FM for Sainsbury’s

Arcus consistently delivers. It understands the challenges of the retail industry and makes the complex, simple. It overcomes obstacles with fresh, innovative ideas that make a big difference.

Andrew Wilson –Head of FM for Argos

Arcus understands the world of retail and has produced some great results for Argos over the last 18 months. In particular, they’ve improved our statutory compliance across the whole estate.

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