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At Arcus, we are a technology driven facilities management company that uses in-house developed technology to support our range of services that is delivered by our team of experts known as the SMaRT (Smarter Maintenance and Realtime Technology) Hub. 

The SMaRT hub makes facilities management services simpler, smarter, quicker, and cheaper, using remote data analysis and the creation of smarter maintenance and real-time technology. 

Our team of technology experts use our in-house developed IoT platform, Helix, to collect and monitors data from our customers estates and assets to learn their behaviours and provide early warnings for when systems are running inefficiently. 

Helix brings all data together in one place giving our teams the ability to cross reference the impacts and consequences of decisions across multiple asset bases including Refrigeration, BMS, HVAC, energy, and weather data along with work order information taken from any CAFM system.  

It collects data both from equipment at our clients’ premises and from external sources, such as weather data, to advance our facilities management services.  

The platform has been built for multi-site food retail environments, logistics and large space environments with interrogation of multiple telemetry points to reduce the cost of maintenance, energy, and transparency of work orders.  

Through Helix we can provide our customers with live data on all intelligent asset disciplines, including, HVAC, hot water, lighting, refrigeration, energy, solar panels, and biomass. It links to any asset database enabling us to track and monitor asset performance and history. 

The SMaRT Hub are continuously using the data provided from our customers estates to bring innovative technology to our services to ensure less breakdowns, higher first-time rates, less unforeseeable strain on customer colleagues, greater uptime of assets, the ability to conduct intelligent maintenance regimes, greater asset lifecycle and overall, a reduction in facilities management and energy spend. 

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At Arcus, our specialist engineers and technicians are on hand to keep your estates running smoothly.


Our commercial mechanical and electrical engineers are customer focused and work efficiently. With our planned preventative schedules, we work to ensure that customers can focus on what they do best and leave the rest to us.  

Learn more about M&E


As commercial and industrial refrigeration experts, our F-Gas registered refrigeration engineers are on hand to support your refrigeration maintenance and repair needs.  

Learn more about Refrigeration

Building Fabric

Arcus’s building fabric services supports our customer in keeping their premises functional whilst providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing working environment.  

Learn more about Building Fabric

Shutters, Gates, and Auto-Doors

Security is a top priority for all commercial estates and the first line of defence is ensuring your shutters, gates, and auto-doors are performing efficiently.  

Learn more about Shutters and Gates


At Arcus, we put health and safety first and understand the risks that drainage issues can have on your business.

Learn more about Drainage
We are passionate about providing customers with clean, safe, and hygienic environments with our soft service solutions.


Arcus’s cleaning services is one of our largest and most sought after self-delivered services. Our dedicated team of BICSc trained commercial cleaners provide our customers with clean, safe, and hygienic working environments.  

Learn more about Cleaning

Grounds Keeping

As part of Arcus’s full facilities management service, we work closely with our partners to provide nationwide ground maintenance and commercial landscaping services to the outside of your estates.  

Learn more about Grounds Keeping

Winter Maintenance

Arcus’ Winter Maintenance services, we provide commercial winter gritting and commercial snow clearance services to keep the areas around your estate safe.

Learn more about Winter Maintenance
Combining people and technology, we are able to offer specialist services tailored to our customer’s needs.


At Arcus, we are a technology driven facilities management company that uses in-house developed technology to support our range of services that is delivered by our team of experts known as the SMaRT (Smarter Maintenance and Realtime Technology) Hub 

Learn more about Technology


At Arcus, we’re here when you need us most. Our Helpdesk team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Learn more about our Helpdesk

Arcus Project Services (APS)

Arcus Project Services is a service that allows for a completely bespoke and integrated approach that delivers projects in a wide range of sectors. 

Learn more about APS

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Arcus building management bureau manage the optimal performance of your building systems. Our technology experts provide our clients and their customers with a comfortable and safe working environment.

Learn more about BMS
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