Arcus FM appoints new HSQE Director.

Facilities management company Arcus FM continues to drive a culture of safety and responsibility as it welcomes Vicky Downham as the new HSQE Director, highlighting her journey of growth and contribution within the organisation.

Vicky joined Arcus FM in 2009 as a Health and Safety Manager. Over her tenure, she became a pivotal figure in advancing the company’s health and safety standards, cultivating a safety culture that benefited colleagues and customers. Her commitment and expertise quickly distinguished her within the team, setting the stage for her career progression.

In 2022, Vicky was invited to participate in the Arcus Accelerate Leadership course. This programme, designed to nurture leadership skills and promote internal growth, proved to be a significant turning point in her career. Upon completing the course, Vicky was promoted to Head of Health & Safety, a role in which she continued to excel and drive significant improvements across the organisation.

Throughout her 14-year service at Arcus FM, Vicky has been a catalyst for change, helping to transform the company’s approach to health and safety. Thanks to Vicky’s influence, Arcus boasts a robust, pre-emptive safety framework that ensures comprehensive support and responsibility for all employees. Under her leadership, Arcus has achieved the internationally recognised RoSPA Gold Award for Health & Safety for three consecutive years, and her team were finalists for Team of the Year at the Safety & Health Awards.

Vicky’s dedication and forward-thinking approach have been integral to Arcus’s evolution. Her journey within the company exemplifies the organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent from within.

In her new role as HSQE Director, Vicky will continue to oversee the development and implementation of health, safety, quality, and environmental strategies. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to governance and safety excellence will be crucial in advancing Arcus FM’s mission to create safer, greener, and more efficient working environments.

Vicky Downham, HSQE Director at Arcus FM

Vicky Downham

HSQE Director

Reflecting on her time at Arcus FM, Vicky Downham, HSQE Director said: “Working in a business that has significantly grown and continues to do so means there are always challenges and with that opportunities to continue to improve and develop our culture. All of things keep me interested and committed, along with having the support of a fantastic team and commitment from operations to work together. Being here for 14 years, I’ve grown with the business and have been able to be part of some big changes, including helping shape our great safety culture.

“I am thrilled to take on this new challenge and continue to build on the strong foundation we have established at Arcus FM. My focus will be on fostering a proactive safety culture, ensuring compliance, and driving continuous improvement across all our operations.”

Chris Green, CEO at Arcus FM

Chris Green

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Green, CEO of Arcus FM, expressed his confidence in Vicky’s new role: “We are delighted to have Vicky step into the role of HSQE Director. Her dedication and expertise have already significantly contributed to our health and safety record. With Vicky at the helm, we are confident that our HSQE practices will reach new heights, benefiting both our employees and customers.”

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