Arcus FM celebrates Earth Day and announces its sustainability plans

This year’s Earth Day highlights the continuous need for humans to help restore the Earth. To recognise this and commit to helping to make a difference, tech-led facilities management provider, Arcus FM has launched its Sustainability Policy.

Arcus is committed to fully embedding sustainability into the management and operation of its business and ensuring equal focus is placed on all elements of sustainability covering the natural environment, society and business governance as well as helping to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Chris Green, CEO, said: “I’m incredibly proud of the commitment and dedication we have at Arcus to embed sustainability into our business culture and the launch of our new Sustainability Policy cements this.

“The initiatives we’re delivering will help us achieve our net zero target and operate more sustainably. Through our dedicated strategies, we’ll also be supporting our clients in achieving their sustainability goals, lighting the way to a more sustainable future.”

The UK-based FM company is also pledging to reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with its formal carbon reduction target as well as aligning itself with the UK Government’s target and the goals made under the UNFCC Paris Agreement. To aid this, the business will be transitioning from a predominantly diesel fleet to zero emission vehicles which will have a big impact on the reduction of emissions.

Monima Harrison, HSQE Director, said: “At Arcus, we recognise we have an important role to play on the world stage for a better and more sustainable future.

“Our new sustainability policy links our HSQE functional strategy and to our vision of ‘growing a great FM business – the envy of others’. This policy showcases our aspirations to be industry leaders, it allows our senior leaders to act as catalysts in setting expectations and embedding purpose driven sustainability mindset for all colleagues. Furthermore, it allows colleagues to take sustainability personally, empowering them to be change agents.”

In addition, the award-winning FM provider has a collection of initiatives to support the Sustainability Policy including waste reduction and circular economy focuses, improvements to its supply chain as well as a social value strategy to support its surrounding communities.