Arcus FM pledges to offset emissions from all company mileage this World Environmental Health Day

Thursday 26 September is World Environmental Health Day and the theme for 2019 is ‘climate change challenges’. In support of World Environmental Health Day, award-winning facilities management company Arcus FM, has pledged to offset its carbon emissions produced by its business mileage for 2018/19.

Arcus FM is committed to playing its part in protecting the environment by investing in the Kenya Tree Planting and Protecting the Amazon project. In supporting the project, the business has pledged to replant nearly 5,000 trees in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. This will enable enough trees to be planted to offset the company’s carbon emissions produced by its business mileage for 2018/19.

Chris Green, CEO said, “By the very nature of the work we do we contribute to carbon emissions, and that’s why supporting projects such as the Kenya Tree Planting and Protecting the Amazon project we hope to be able to make a difference to vulnerable communities.

“We’re very committed to our CSR programme at Arcus and to be able to support not only our local communities, but communities much further afield in the Great Rift Valley, is something I’m very proud to sponsor.”

The company’s tree planting project kick started in July this year and so far, 3,800 trees have been planted. Once the project is completed, it will have a long-lasting positive impact on the local communities and its wildlife.

Wendy Buckley, Client Director at Carbon Footprint explains: “Protecting the Amazon rainforest is crucial, not only to offset our carbon footprint but also to protect the 10% of all species on earth that call the Amazon home. Species extinction due to climate change and deforestation is accelerating at an alarming rate which is what makes this project so significant.”

In addition to the project, Arcus has continued to decrease its C02 levels year-on-year for the last five years and its fleet is among the most efficient on the market.