Arcus’s approach to cleaning high footfall areas.

At Arcus, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ estates clean and safe. From high-footfall external public areas to the internal building, our team’s meticulous approach keeps everyone safe.

Cleaning solutions for high footfall areas

The impact of foot traffic and cleanliness goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about mitigating risks. A clean environment minimises the chance of accidents and creates a positive experience for visitors, supporting our customers’ brand and reputation.

High-footfall areas are constantly in use by many people, including members of the public. Cleaning schedules need to be tailored to match the intensity of activity to ensure consistent cleanliness.

From jet washing public walkways, tidying up car parks, recycling, and waste management, our teams are diligent in ensuring high touch point areas are thoroughly and regularly inspected and cleaned.

The integration of Lean principles into our cleaning delivery model is a strategic approach that streamlines processes, minimises waste, and provides efficient workflows.

Our team’s approach to keeping our customers’ estates clean, safe, and welcoming provides a culture of always striving to do better.

Darren Milne, Account Director for Arcus FM said “We implemented the Lean principles into our cleaning delivery model to create efficient workflows as well as the opportunity for our colleagues to provide feedback and suggest ways we can do better, whether this is changing a process or identifying and providing training and development to our teams. This empowers our colleagues to really own and take pride in the service they provide.

“It’s a source of pride for us how engaged our colleagues are in their work. Our cleaning teams are highly responsive to our customers’ needs and are always looking at ways we can improve our services.”

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