‘Don’t Dismiss A Near Miss’, Arcus FM launches new campaign to promote safety and health.

On 28th April, Arcus will join companies from across the world in celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The safety of our colleagues here at Arcus is of paramount importance, and as we head towards the World Day for Safety and Health, we are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Near Miss’ campaign, to promote awareness of, and encourage the reporting of, near-miss incidents as soon as they occur.

A near miss is an incident where no injury or ill health occurs but has the potential due to so.

By working with our colleagues to nurture a culture of “See it, Sort it, Report it”, we will continue to collect reports and provide valuable lessons that can help everyone identify potential hazards and take the right action to prevent them from happening again.

To engage our colleagues, we have created an animated video that demonstrates what a near miss and how we can work together to take proactive actions in avoiding accidents.

We will also be working across our teams to position posters across prominent locations around Arcus workplaces to remind everyone “Don’t Dismiss a Near Miss”.

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