Driving down Arcus’ emissions

Arcus FM has an overarching goal of becoming a sustainable leader in the FM field and has embedded a culture of intentional everyday actions across the business that add up and have a significant positive impact on the environment.  

Over the past year, through an internal campaign, we have avoided driving 718,778 miles (when compared to a 2019/20 baseline) to help achieve our company-wide five-year carbon reduction target by 2025 and significantly reduce our carbon emissions by 40% by 2025 and our longer-term net-zero goals. As part of this pledge and knowing that as a business serving customers nationwide we had to be targeted in our approach, targeting a reduction in company car and non-operational driving by working in a remote or hybrid way and using technology to attend meetings, rather than driving. 

Whilst avoiding 718,778 miles is great for colleagues’ wellbeing and work-life balance, the true prize is in sustainability, as this total equates to 198 tonnes of CO2e from being emitted from vehicle exhausts. 

We have already taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions by investing in electric vans, promoting the use of electric cars by colleagues and delivering ‘toolbox talks’ on Cabon reduction and awareness to all colleagues. 

Kathryn Ebrey, Environment and Sustainability Lead Business Partner said, “Reducing the number of miles driven is one clear way individuals can actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, achieving net-zero goals and ultimately taking action against climate change. As part of a 12-month awareness and engagement programme, Arcus colleagues really embraced this challenge and helped deliver considerable carbon savings. We’ll continue to build on the success of this initiative, with many more actions still to come in order to achieve our carbon and wider sustainability goals.” 

Steve Willis, Chief Strategy Officer and champion of the ‘Drive Down Co2 by Dialling in’ initiative said, “Reducing our carbon emission over the past 12 months hasn’t been an easy task, however, by working collaboratively we were able to deliver significant carbon saving by cutting down on unnecessary travel.  We have seen a definite shift in the way colleagues travel and attend meetings, adopting a blended approach and only travelling when there is value from doing so, which has helped contribute to this success.  

“I want to encourage people to continue this approach over the next 12 months and beyond, not only to continue the focus on our carbon footprint reduction but also to reap the work-life balance, wellbeing, safety, mitigating the effects of climate change and productivity benefits that come with less travel.” 



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