Inside Arcus with Verity Weston – Risk and Sustainability Advisor

At Arcus, we’ve had a strategic focus on environment and sustainability for several years, embedding sustainable principles into the operations and management of the business.

As we navigate an era marked by environmental consciousness and the urgent need for sustainable practices, Arcus continuously looks at how we can improve and offer a rigorous and transparent approach to our sustainability performance.

Helping us to shape our journey is Verity Weston, Risk and Sustainability Advisor, whose role is pivotal in driving our commitment to sustainability, ensuring environmental compliance, and spearheading initiatives towards a greener future.

Hi, I’m Verity, a Risk and Sustainability Advisor here at Arcus, where I support the delivery of our HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality & Environment) strategy, focusing on mitigating risks, promoting sustainability, and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

Sustainability has been a hot topic at Arcus for years, embedding itself at the core of Arcus’ operations, driven by various factors. Firstly, there’s a moral imperative to contribute to global sustainability efforts and support disadvantaged communities in the UK. Moreover, sustainability serves as a competitive advantage, aligning with our commitment to award-winning customer service and innovative solutions.

Responding to increasing customer demand for sustainability not only aligns with our vision but also positions us as a leader in the FM industry.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental driver for business growth within the FM industry. Businesses must embed sustainable practices to ensure long-term financial performance, meet customer expectations, and positively impact the environment. As stakeholders increasingly focus on sustainability, the FM industry plays a crucial role in championing environmental responsibility and driving sustainable innovation.

At Arcus, we’re committed to supporting our customers in their sustainability endeavours. Not only do we support our customers by reducing their Scope 3 emissions as a responsible supplier but also through innovative solutions and technological advancements. Through our in-house team of technology experts, known as the SMaRT Hub, we facilitate carbon and energy savings, waste reduction, and improved environmental performance. Our collaborative approach enables us to address the unique sustainability challenges faced by our customers, ensuring alignment with their goals and objectives.

Central to our sustainability efforts is our waste management journey and the adoption of circular economy principles within our supply chain.

From sustainable procurement policies to refurbishment schemes, we’re committed to minimising waste, maximising resource efficiency, and driving positive environmental outcomes. Collaborations with key suppliers further amplify our impact, fostering a culture of sustainability across the value chain.

Our waste management efforts are marked by significant achievements in recycling rates and landfill diversion. By surpassing targets and implementing best practices, we’re on track to achieve our goal of zero waste to landfill. Similarly, our carbon emissions reduction efforts are guided by a clear pathway towards net zero, supported by renewable energy adoption, fleet electrification, and mileage reduction initiatives.

Looking ahead, technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing sustainability within FM. Leveraging advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics, we aim to optimise operations, reduce waste, and accelerate progress toward net zero. Partnerships with industry experts, such as the Sustainable FM Index, provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring Arcus remains at the forefront of sustainable FM practices.

Arcus’s commitment to sustainability extends to the professional development of its employees. Through a range of training opportunities and affiliations with professional institutes, such as CIWM and IEMA, I’ve been able to enhance my skills and expertise in sustainability. Continuous learning and exposure to diverse experiences within the business have been instrumental in my career growth, and I look forward to further progression and development in the future.

Sustainability isn’t just a goal at Arcus, it’s a journey that we’re wholeheartedly committed to. Through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility, we’re shaping a more sustainable future for our business, our customers, and our planet.

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Inside Arcus with Verity Weston – Risk and Sustainability Advisor