Supporting your safe return to the workplace

Our approach to COVID-19 and how we can help support you and your teams during these challenging times.

As facilities experts, Arcus has initiated a rapid response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Many of our clients are providing vital services for the nation and we are here to support them around the clock. Our Helpdesk continues to operate 24/7 and whether working from home or in the field, our colleagues are fully equipped to perform business critical work, safely and effectively.

In response to this pandemic Arcus has already been proactively focused on sanitising our clients’ offices, call centres, retail outlets, transport hubs and distribution centres across the UK – giving peace of mind to all their people.  We know that your customer and employee welfare is your number one priority and we also understand how important it is to have your business back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

How can we help?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on society and now more than ever businesses and services need to remain resilient. Safety and efficiency have to be the driving forces behind processes, procedures and culture moving forward. Arcus can be the helping hand to ensure safe operational delivery is maintained, while driving risks and costs down.

Using our industry leading, proven ways of working, we can minimise your risk by offering the following:

  • High-quality contract and commercial cleaning services. Our cleaning colleagues follow a defined cleaning programme that strategically targets all client and customer touch points and high-risk critical areas. We use approved Microshield solutions that sanitise surface areas, offering extended protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • Facility and employee risk assessments to understand facility limitations and develop mitigations to maintain operation.
  • Identify building demand limitations, including data visualisation to calculate maximum safe employee/workspace ratios.
  • Develop an operational COVID-19 return to work plan for all employees.
  • Facilitate physical changes and process adjustments in line with social distancing.
  • Provide instant body temperature detection cameras to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus when employees return to the workplace.

What sort of temperature device will suit your environment?

Handheld camera:
Straightforward to use and very efficient, the cameras can be mounted on a tripod or operated from a safe distance.

Fixed camera:
Options range by focal length as well as bullet or turret designs. The camera can be installed as a stand‐alone system or connected to an existing system and/or recording devices. Audible alarm feature and/or software on a nearby PC when a high temperature is detected.

Metal detector:
Simple to use and can run as a stand‐alone system with its inbuilt alarm, which notifies when an anomalous temperature is detected.

Talk to one of our team members today about your situation so we can understand the locations and number of site entrance points, the volume of people entering the workplace at any one time, shift patterns, visitor attendance and the support processes which need to be in place to use our screening solutions effectively.

Delivering cost reduction models

While COVID-19 mounts increasing cost pressures on businesses, Arcus can identify efficiencies and changes that will support vital cost reductions through:

  • Business cost analysis and benchmarking.
  • Roles and responsibilities review to identify opportunities and remove inefficiency.
  • Review resources against actual revised planned demand.
  • Challenge planned spend in next 12-months to validate value.

Adapting to a new way of working

As businesses return to their work environments, processes will need to be reviewed and adapted, and colleagues will need to be engaged and supported as part of this work. Arcus can deliver this for you by:

  • Identifying processes that require review.
  • Facilitating process reviews.
  • Supporting employee training for new processes.
  • Developing colleague explainer and instructional resources that demonstrate behaviour changes deliver benefits and improvement.
  • Reviewing existing technology.
  • Reviewing potential technology application and benefits including live facility usage sensors.

During these challenging times we recognise that a change in working environment can have an effect on the mental health and wellbeing of colleagues. We recognised this challenge at Arcus and have created bespoke processes, and adapted ways of working to support our colleagues while maximising productivity. Specifically, we can deliver:

  • A tailored work-from-home process for colleagues to follow.
  • Training on technology, tools, and techniques.

Get in touch today

We are driven in helping you reduce business risk during the COVID-19 outbreak while minimising cost impacts from any change.

Ultimately our services are designed to drive people behaviours to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus and during these uncertain times we remain true to our values: do it simply, do it well, do it with passion.

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